Story Calendar

Every month, a new piece of writing by Alexander will be posted here on this site making up a calendar of stories every year. Some will be short stories, some will be articles, and some will be sneak previews from books not yet released. Perfect to read with your morning coffee!

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Latest Stories

A Story for May: Small birds, like painted chickens

An amusing misunderstanding between family members over a little girl’s love of boiled eggs. 

A Story for April- Under the Acacia

A story of loving someone you never knew. This story originally appeared in Good Housekeeping magazine.

A Story for March- Clouds Upon the Horizon

An extract from the latest entertaining and hilarious Professor Dr Dr Moritz-Maria Von Igelfeld novel. Our hopelessly out-of-touch hero is forced to confront uppity librarians, and a possible hostile takeover.

A Story for February- Doctors, detectives, common sense

Mma Ramotswe, only begetter and proprietrix of the No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Botswana’s only private detective agency for the problems of ladies (and others), very rarely had cause to consult her general practitioner. This doctor was called Dr Leonard Modisapodi, a man of modest tastes and quiet demeanour, who lived in a small house […]

A Story for January: Maternal Designs

‘Maternal Designs’ is part of Pianos & Flowers, a new collection of short stories called inspired by vintage photographs.

A Story for December- Descent

This extract is from ‘Tiny Tales‘, a collection of thirty short stories that range in length from the short to the minuscule, coming Spring 2021.

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