Story Calendar

A Story for November- Épater la Bourgeoisie

An extract from the new installment in the 44 Scotland Street series ‘A Promise of Ankles’.

A Poem for October – Fall

The following is taken from Alexander’s collection of poetry, ‘In a Time of Distance’, to be published in 2021. In it, he has a sequence – A Scottish Four Seasons. Here is Autumn as we say in Scotland, or Fall: Autumn or Fall  Look, the migrating birds Are leaving us, small souls That brave three […]

A Story for September – No Double Bed

No Double Bed is an exclusive extract from the forthcoming book, ‘How to Raise an Elephant’, the twenty-first volume in The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. How to Raise an Elephant will be published in November 2020. 

A Story for August – Pope Ron

The first adventure of Pope Ron Pope Ron, the first Australian pope, came from a small town south of Perth. His father, Bill Stokes, was an agricultural machinery salesman; his mother, Sandra, gave music lessons at the local high school. Ron, who had been an enthusiastic altar-boy, had nursed an ambition to be a priest, […]

A Story for July- London and Its Games

In recognition of this Olympic month here’s is a throw back to a piece written about the 2012 London Olympic Games.

A Story for June: What happened during the Antipasti

This extract is the first chapter from ‘The Geometry of Holding Hands‘, the thirteenth novel in the Isabel Dalhousie/Sunday Philosophy Club series. The book is published in the UK later this month. US/Canadian publication follows in July.

A Story for May: The Flying Psychotherapist

Another monthly treat from the master storyteller, this time set in the Australian Outback. 

A Story for April: The Talented Mr Varg

An exclusive extract from the first chapter of The Talented Mr Varg, the second book in the Detective Varg series, publishing this month.

A Story for March: Meeting Frank

In celebration of the new film adaption of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, Alexander presents an ‘Emma’ story.

A Story for February: A Temporary Position

A heartwarming tale about returning to work and finding an unexpected bonus. This story first appeared several years ago in The Lady magazine. 

A Poem for January: Holy River

Instead of his usual short story offering, today Alexander gifts you a new poem to celebrate the New Year. Best wishes for 2020 to one and all.

A Story for December: The Lost Librarians of Las Vegas

This could be a Christmas story. Stories told at this time of year, in the middle of winter, are meant to be a little bit scary. And sometimes the story happens to be true, as this one is. This story first appeared in the Daily Mail.