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Treasures of the Botswana Bush

Date Published: 20th March 2024

Photo journalist and documentary maker, Mats Ögren Wanger is travelling with Alexander on his visit back to Botswana, country of the author’s heart. He has sent back some stunning photographs from their time in the Bush. They capture the treasures of Botswana, home to Precious Ramotswe and The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. More photographs will […]

SOS Children’s Village have a treat in store for Alexander McCall Smith

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A Marimba band from the SOS Children’s Village entertained Alexander when he arrived. This short clip gives you a real flavour of Botswana and the fun he is having on this adventure. Video created by Mats Ögren Wanger, photo-journalist and documentary maker accompanying Alexander on his trip back to Botswana. ‘My wife and I first […]

Alexander McCall Smith in Botswana

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‘Sandy’ revisits home of Precious Ramotswe Alexander McCall Smith is back in Botswana for the first time since the pandemic halted his annual visits. He is delighted to be back. Book 25 in the multi-million copy bestselling and perennially adored No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series is on its way Every year, Alexander (or Sandy) […]


Alexander McCall Smith at Borders Book Festival, Melrose, UK

Date: 15 June 2024
Venue: Cullen Kilshaw Marquee, Borders Book Festival
Time: 3.45pm

At 24 Mouse Lane in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, Katie Donald is in the business of bringing lonely hearts together. The Perfect Passion Dating Company is the first in a new series by one of Scotland’s very greatest and most prolific novelists. Sandy McCall Smith has a passion for playfulness mixed with kindness and generosity of […]

Alexander McCall Smith at the 300 Words Story Writing Competition Awards, Borders Book Festival, Melrose, UK

Date: 16 June 2024
Venue: Buccleuch Marquee, Borders Book Festival
Time: 10.30pm

We’re thrilled to share a new creative writing competition designed to carry on the legacy of The Great Tapestry of Scotland by celebrating the people’s stories and engaging children with the Curriculum for Excellence. The competition is open to all children living in the Scottish Borders aged 7 – 15 and hundreds of talented young […]

Alexander McCall Smith in ‘Write On’ at Borders Book Festival, Melrose, UK

Date: 16 June 2024
Venue: BSW Group Marquee, Borders Book Festival
Time: 5.15pm

Alexander McCall Smith is the most prolific writer of fiction in Scotland, and he is joined by Alistair Moffat, the most prolific writer of non-fiction in Scotland. They discuss the business of getting it all down on paper, how they work, what the differences between the genres are, where ideas come from – and where […]