The Man with the Silver Saab

The Man with the Silver Saab

ISBN: 9780593316108
Publisher: Pantheon (Penguin Random House)
Publication Date: 20 July 2021


The Man with Silver Saab is the third book in the Detective Varg series.

Perplexing, unfathomable, and perhaps unimportant, the cases that Malmo’s Department of Sensitive Crimes take on will test them to their limits.

Life – and crime – is not always as it seems for Ulf Varg and the other fearless detectives in Malmo’s Department of Sensitive Crimes. There are always surprising new cases to take on, and the latest batch is no exception. And that’s not to mention Ulf’s struggle to contain his feelings for his colleague Anna Bengsdotter. All in all, things are distinctly difficult in Malmo, and it seems up to Ulf and the Department to set them right.


‘We read him first for his charm; he is a reassuring writer. He is also a serious one. He doesn’t preach, but he is concerned with how we should live, how we should treat others. The nature and importance of friendship and love are two of the themes which recur in all his work… a writer of some real importance’
The Scotsman