Treasures of the Botswana Bush

Date Published: 20th March 2024

Photo journalist and documentary maker, Mats Ögren Wanger is travelling with Alexander on his visit back to Botswana, country of the author’s heart. He has sent back some stunning photographs from their time in the Bush. They capture the treasures of Botswana, home to Precious Ramotswe and The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. More photographs will be added in the coming days as they continue on their adventure.

Alexander is writing the next book in the series, The Great Hippopotamous Hotel, while he is there. It will publish in the UK in September of this year. This will be the 25th book in the beloved and best-selling multi-million copy series.

‘Botswana is a remarkable country in so many respects. It’s a very interesting and peaceful country… a very attractive country. It has a dry landscape. It’s an extraordinary place in a physical sense. It’s the sort of landscape that I suspect people who are familiar with parts of northern Queensland for example would appreciate and understand.’

Alexander McCall Smith

You can learn more about the country on the BBC website.

Treasures of the Botswana Bush

Mma Ramotswe did not want Africa to change. She did not want her people to become like everybody else, soulless, selfish, forgetful of what it means to be an African or worse still, ashamed of Africa. She could not be anything but an African. Never. Even if somebody came up to her and said ‘here is a pill, the latest thing. Take it and it will make you into an American. She would say no, never. No thank you.