50 years of Independence in Botswana—Alexander McCall Smith on the BBC

Date Published: 30th September 2016

Botswana celebrates 50 Years of Independence today, 30 September 2016, and Alexander McCall Smith has been talking on the BBC about the success of the country and his love for the people of Botswana. He wrote a short conversation between Precious and Grace to mark the anniversary of independence and read it on BBC World Service […]

Botswana celebrates 50 years of Independence

Date Published: 28th September 2016

Precious Ramotswe is to help Botswana celebrate 50 years of independence. Alexander McCall Smith has written a short piece for the BBC, in the words of Precious Ramotswe and in celebration of her country as the people of Botswana celebrate 50 years of independence. This piece will be broadcast on the morning of 30 September […]