Tiny Tales

A Story for October: ‘By Post’ from Tiny Tales

An extract from Tiny Tales, an illustrated short story collection by Alexander McCall Smith, illustrated by Iain McIntosh.

Alexander McCall Smith joins the line up for the FT Weekend Festival (UK)

Date: 4 September 2020
Venue: Online - https://ftweekend.live.ft.com/agenda/session/314460
Time: 2.10pm UK TIME

Alexander McCall Smith joins the Financial Times‘ Magazine Editor Alice Fishburn in discussion at the FT Weekend Festival.  Earlier this year, Alice commissioned Alexander and artist Iain McIntosh to create tiny graphic tales to run in the FT Weekend Arts & Life section for a four month period. No-one could have predicted the pandemic at […]

A Story for August – Pope Ron

The first adventure of Pope Ron Pope Ron, the first Australian pope, came from a small town south of Perth. His father, Bill Stokes, was an agricultural machinery salesman; his mother, Sandra, gave music lessons at the local high school. Ron, who had been an enthusiastic altar-boy, had nursed an ambition to be a priest, […]