A Crime Reader’s Guide to the Classics

African Elephant by Iain McIntosh

Date Published: 15th September 2020

Enjoy a Crime Reader’s Guide to The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series – quotes and insights and all the joy of Botswana and Precious Ramotswe. One not to be missed whether you are new to the series or have read every one of these books. The twenty-first book in this series, How to Raise an Elephant, is published in November this year – a little later than usual due to the delays that have hit many industries in these difficult time. There is much to look forward to including a new character in the shape of a baby elephant. But bring a little joy to life right now by reading this Crime Reader’s Guide to full series.

“The sun came up, at first a curved slice of golden red, and then a shimmering, glowing ball, lifting itself free of the line of tree-tops, light, effortless, floating. And then the sky opened up, freed of its veils of darkness, a great pale blue bowl above…above me, thought Mma Ramotswe—and all the other people who were getting up now in Botswana; above people for whom this was their first day on this earth—the tiny, fragile babies—and above those for whom it was their last—the aged people who had seen so much and who knew that the world was slipping between their fingers …all—or most of us, at least—trying our best, trying to make something of life, hoping to get through the day without feeling too unhappy, or uncomfortable, or hungry—which was what just about everybody hoped for, whether they were big and important, or small and insignificant. She sighed. If only people could keep that in their minds—if they could remember that the people they met during the day had all the same hopes and fears that they had, then there would be so much less conflict and disagreement in the world. If only people remembered that” (from The Colours of All the Cattle).

Alexander McCall Smith: A Crime Reader’s Guide to the Classics