Story Calendar

A Story for September: The Joy & Light Bus Company

An extract from the first chapter of the latest novel in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, The Joy & Light Bus Company, published in the US & Canada in October.

A Story for August: The Pavilion in the Clouds

 An extract from some new writing, currently being worked on by Alexander.

A Story for July: Three Friends By Themselves

A note from the author: This happened some time ago, before we all found ourselves facing a rather long period of enjoying our own company. Three friends had gone for a hike in a remote part of Argyll. It was a rugged and beautiful part of the country – a landscape dominated by towering Munros, […]

A Story for June: Trams, and other big questions

There are no trams in Scotland Street, nor buses for that matter. The street’s dimensions are generous, though, and would allow for a tramline, were anyone to wish to construct one. They would allow for a bicycle lane, too, and still leave room for cars and for the pedestrians who like to stroll down this […]

A Story for May: Small birds, like painted chickens

An amusing misunderstanding between family members over a little girl’s love of boiled eggs. 

A Story for April- Under the Acacia

A story of loving someone you never knew. This story originally appeared in Good Housekeeping magazine.

A Story for March- Clouds Upon the Horizon

An extract from the latest entertaining and hilarious Professor Dr Dr Moritz-Maria Von Igelfeld novel. Our hopelessly out-of-touch hero is forced to confront uppity librarians, and a possible hostile takeover.

A Story for February- Doctors, detectives, common sense

Mma Ramotswe, only begetter and proprietrix of the No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Botswana’s only private detective agency for the problems of ladies (and others), very rarely had cause to consult her general practitioner. This doctor was called Dr Leonard Modisapodi, a man of modest tastes and quiet demeanour, who lived in a small house […]

A Story for January: Maternal Designs

‘Maternal Designs’ is part of Pianos & Flowers, a new collection of short stories called inspired by vintage photographs.

A Story for December- Descent

This extract is from ‘Tiny Tales‘, a collection of thirty short stories that range in length from the short to the minuscule, coming Spring 2021.

A Story for November- Épater la Bourgeoisie

An extract from the new installment in the 44 Scotland Street series ‘A Promise of Ankles’.

A Poem for October – Fall

The following is taken from Alexander’s collection of poetry, ‘In a Time of Distance’, to be published in 2021. In it, he has a sequence – A Scottish Four Seasons. Here is Autumn as we say in Scotland, or Fall: Autumn or Fall  Look, the migrating birds Are leaving us, small souls That brave three […]