The Perfect Passion Company

The Perfect Passion Company

The Perfect Passion Company

ISBN: 9780593688328
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: 13 February 2024

Join us on an adventure of the heart. Alexander McCall Smith starts a brand new series, The Perfect Passion Company.

The Perfect Passion Dating Company at No. 24 Mouse Lane in Edinburgh’s New Town is run by Katie Donald who has an innate instinct for bringing people together. She is ‘standing in’ while the owner goes travelling and quickly develops a skill for finding out what it is that people really want. Along the way, Katie learns profound lessons about her own desires as she works at better understanding those of others. Although Katie has little in the way of direct experience, with the help of her amiable and handsome office neighbour William Kidd, she soon finds herself making matches for the lonely hearts tired of meeting online – and who want a more personal touch.

Stop swiping left and right and find the heart of the one you are looking for.

For fans of Alexander McCall Smith’s many beloved series and romantic standalone novels, The Perfect Passion Company shows him at his most perceptive, playful, and generous. In the way that only McCall Smith can, this novel offers a glimpse inside the psychology of matchmaking, the search for love and companionship, and the mysterious spark of attraction that can, at times, catch hold of us all.

(Two stories that wind their way into this wonderful novel were previously available in different forms as e-book only shorts.)


‘There is, as ever in his work, abundant delight. You can read him with purring pleasure… In his concern for right thought and conduct he is one of the most considerable and satisfying, as well as delightful, novelists working today’
The Scotsman
‘An absolutely gorgeous standalone tale from one of the most astute and compassionate observers of humanity… The Perfect Passion Company is oh-so engaging and enjoyable as it explores our human need for love and companionship.’
‘As always with McCall Smith, expect the kind of dialogue you wish you could have more often, keen observations, comic plot twists, and a main character to cheer for’
‘A genial, jolly Edinburgh genius… For my money, the recently knighted Sir Alexander is second only to PG Wodehouse for lightening your mood. If you read him on the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, I guarantee you’ll feel happier than when you set out’
The Herald
‘An antidote to depressing news cycles, this is a safe place to sit for a while and read a gentle, charming story… if you are looking for a book that will help you escape then i would definitely recommend this’ FIVE STARS
‘Brilliant, unique and beautiful… wonderful characters, humourous, witty and with integrity. I was totally immersed’ FIVE stars
Good Reads
‘Sweet, romantic, hopeful and full of beautiful prose; I was swept away and the cherry on top was having Edinburgh as the stunning backdrop… this story has given me many moments I want to remember and look back on. A highly recommended read!’ FOUR stars
Good Reads
‘Clever, funny and warm, a truly delightful read. Left me itching to know these two new characters better. Such insight into hunan nature. McCall Smith at his best, knows us better than we know ourselves’
Reader Review for the eBook Short, Cook for Me